Consult, Build and Deploy

Digital Disruptors

We offer a flexible and agile approach to our customers. we hope to affect change and value in all stages of your process.

Our approach


Identify opportunities, build business cases and work towards prototypes.


We develop, train and deploy your chosen solution to multiple channels.


In the field, we will monitor and provide reports on your digital solutions, allowing a feedback loop into its life cycle.


As technologies and new channels emerge we will ensure our technology's will allow you to fully utilise their capabilities.

About us & what we do

we are an Insure-tech startup based in the North West of England providing innovative software solutions to help the insurance sector complete an easy transition into their digital transformation road map.
Clientwire boasts both cutting edge technology and a team with combined industry experience of over 50 years in insurance and technology at an executive level.

A Transitioning Market

Customer expectations are changing, they are focusing on instant interactions for purchasing and communicating with service providers. Insure-tech is disrupting the market and is set to unseat the incumbents. Cost and legislation is further influencing competitiveness, while fraud and inefficiencies are a constant concern.

Clientwire hopes to bridge the gap for insurers and work with them to deploy cutting edge technology built specifically for the insurance sector.

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our Solutions



we build chatbots from the ground up with your needs taking priority. flexible, Secure and effective Bot technology at your disposal.



Driver behaviour telematics solution enabling insurers to quote more accurately and adding more worth and engagement for the policy holder. 



A.I. Models

Our A.I. and Machine Learning products bring speed, accuracy and scale to the motor insurance industry. Let our models enhance your business systems in real-time. We fine tune these A.I. or Machine Learning models for maximum effectiveness in your business needs.


Digital Payments

Connect with customers at the push of a button. Whether you are renewing a policy or chasing debt our mobile payment solutions come with multiple ways to integrate on desktop and mobile platforms and with other payment providers.

Contact us for collaborations, Questions or just to say hi.

Whether you want to discuss whats new with Insure-tech, organise a workshop or collaborate, just drop us a message and we’ll be happy to help.

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Phone:  0333 009 5254



Amber House, Green Lane

Old Swan, Liverpool, L13 7GD

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